Imagine having...
...the ability to quiet the negative voices that keep you awake at night.
...a deep knowing you will thrive despite the chaos and uncertainty.
...confidence in your creativity and achieving your goals.
...peaceful communication with those you love. to live your best life, no matter what.

...a clear sense of purpose. 

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Reinvent Your Life & Get Unstuck!

Do you feel stuck or uninspired and don't know how to get out of your funk? Tap into desires and dreams you’ve held in your heart for months, years, or even decades. Through a unique process of meditation, mindfulness, journaling, and visioning you will make a plan for realizing your intentions, and clear whatever has been blocking you from taking action in your life.

April 27, 2021

7-8:30 pm PST

LIVE via Zoom

May 1, 2021

8-9:30 am PST

LIVE via Zoom

May 8, 2021

8-9:30 am PST

LIVE via Zoom

May 8, 2021

4-5:30 pm PST

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Before taking this course, I was under the impression I had reached the limit of my creativity and skills in general. However, as the course progressed, Sydel helped me discover new methods to approach and resolve challenging situations. I've reawakened a creative side I didn't know existed and removed mental as well as physical clutter. I continue to use the tools I gained and am enjoying newfound clarity, focus and drive.

Paola Avila

Let's Journey Together

Instead of being constantly worried about the future, wondering if we're good enough, and feeling stressed because we're overwhelmed, we have the opportunity to learn how to quiet our negative thoughts, listen to our intuition, and stay centered.

I present to you the CIJ Clarity Catalyst. Taught live online via Zoom, this special program is based on a Stanford University Masters Degree course developed in 1979 to elevate human potential through mindfulness and emotional intelligence.

The mindset shifts learned over eight weeks will be life-changing for you, just as they've been for thousands of others.

Now that we're no longer running around on the hamster wheel of life, we have the chance to go deeper within and discover new ways of living that are more fulfilling. More meaningful. More peaceful.

This unique moment offers us the space to reflect on aspects of ourselves that may have been holding us back, and that up until now we've brushed under the rug because we were too busy. Now Is Our Time to Thrive!

Especially during our current state of quarantine and isolation, coming together in (virtual) community and making the choice to learn and grow will help our families, and our world, come out of this crisis stronger, closer, more peaceful, and with a renewed sense of purpose.

I am honored to be a part of your journey and look forward to meeting you!

Join the CIJ Clarity Catalyst 8-week Journey

Experience a wonderful blend of sacred sharing in a safe space, experiential mindfulness and emotional intelligence exercises to refine and define who you are.

This awe-inspiring live online course taught over 8 weeks via Zoom includes weekly Live-Withs to shift your perspective on how you see yourself and the world, plus meaningful conversations with your peer coaching partner mid-week to land the learning and solidify the group.

Includes one Free Private Coaching Session with Sydel.

Come away with a greater sense of PERSONAL FREEDOM and awareness. Gain CLARITY about who you are, what you want, and how to get there. Get ready to be TRANSFORMED.

Next LIVE Journey: May 15 - July 3, Saturdays from 8-9:30 am PST*

* Interview Required 


The CIJ Clarity Catalyst 8-Week Journey includes 90-minute weekly classes taught live online, weekly peer-coaching sessions, and one 30-minute private coaching session with Sydel. 

Are you ready to let go of stress, anxiety, judgment, and overwhelm?

Do you desire instead to learning how to enjoy being in the moment

Are you ready to see positive changes in your relationships? Your peace of mind? Your career? Your sense of purpose?

Now is the time to stop, reflect, and choose a new way of living peacefully, confidently, and with purpose. 

The first 4 classes are spent building a foundation in essential tools for creativity:
• Session 1: Faith in Your Own Creativity – Cultivating Creativity
• Session 2: Absence of Judgment – Cultivating Confidence
• Session 3: Mindfulness – Cultivating Focus & Attention
• Session 4: Powerful Questions – Cultivating Intuition

The next 4 classes are spent going more deeply into the tools as we apply them to four general life challenges:
• Session 5: Purpose and Vision – Cultivating Gifts & Talents
• Session 6: Time Management and Stress – Cultivating Organization
• Session 7: Relationships – Cultivating Compassion with Self and Others
• Session 8: Prosperity and Bringing Your Creativity & Vision into the World – Cultivating Courage

In addition to the specific weekly topics, the program is organized around 2 themes:
1. Discovering yourself, your creative resources, and your highest potential
2. Applying creativity and mindfulness lessons to make significant progress in career, health, relationships, academics, and in life.

Finally, the program culminates with a powerful closing class where you'll tap into your greatest creative resources.

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