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CIJ Clarity Catalyst 

A profound journey of Self-Discovery. Access the clarity, creativity, & courage to propel your life.

The Clarity Seekers I serve are highly accomplished and they've checked off all the boxes, yet they feel a deep calling inside that there's more.

They know they're on the edge of their greatness and are ready to transform - they just need the space, the blueprint, the community to guide and support them so they can let go of fear, worry, and procrastination.

They're ready to find clarity, freedom, peace of mind, and a life of meaning and purpose. They want to live their best, fully-expressed life, no matter what.

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I have to begin with that fact that Sydel is an amazing human being. This is important because when you are about to embark on a journey that examines every aspect of your life, it needs to be with someone trustworthy.  Also Sydel is a realistic optimist, meaning she could relate to something being truly awful and then move on to how we could take it to a better level. I entered CIJ at the recommendation of a dear friend who had taken the course. I was at a major crossroads in my life that I had not chosen. I gained some very needed framing tools which are helping me become the person I know I can be. 

Sydel is an amazing human being.

Pamela K

Sydel’s coaching program adds so many new tools to your arsenal of life skills!! You will take a regular day and see it as a totally miraculous experience. You will have available to you what you need to change perspective on any event, hence, changing the outcome of that event in your favor. Mostly, Sydel has a marvelous way to add a whopping dose of “creativity” into your ability to approach the life that’s in front of you! If you want more options and enjoyment out of your life, take Sydel's course!!!

If you want more options and enjoyment out of your life, take Sydel's course!

Karen F

The clarity workshop provided me with many tools as I navigate changes in my personal and professional life. I especially love the daily meditation questions and journaling, which helped me get clear and specific about my desires. Using these tools helped me to co-create my desired experiences, manage my fear and cut down the noise in my head. By far the best soul work I have done. I would recommend to anyone experiencing change in their life. 

By far the best soul work I have done.

Shebba W

At a challenging time in my life, Sydel and I reconnected and I was able to join her program. It was a delight to discover new approaches and connect with like-minded people. Not only does she coach, but she shows you the way to discover who you are!

She shows you the way to discover who you are!

Lucy C

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