I am

I am an entrepreneur. A leader. A confidant and a coach.

I lift the lid off your soul so you can bring forth your gifts to the world and live with joy and freedom.

I inspire, hold space, and tell the truth gently and lovingly, because I know it will set you free. 

My purpose is to help you find your purpose and effortlessly create the life you desire so that you can enjoy professional and personal fulfillment without sacrificing your relationships and well-being.

I'm also a Certified Chopra Total Well-Being Coach, Certified Clarity Catalyst Coach, Positive Intelligence Coach, Chopra Meditation and Health Instructor, Art of Feminine and Masculine Presence Teacher, salsa dancer, nature-lover, amateur photographer, world traveler, and the proud single mom of two thriving young adults. 

But I haven't always been this put-together. I haven't always been this joyful. 

I've prospered and failed, loved and lost, and learned how to get back up again. And again. And again. 

Despite being outwardly "successful," I used to feel like a failure and silently suffered from shame and self-doubt, stuck in a life I thought I wanted but didn't enjoy. I also felt guilty for wanting more because I seemed to have it all.

In my 20s, I had life by the horns. Every goal I set for myself, I reached. After graduating with honors from college, I worked in Washington, DC as an international trade and Latin American economic integration specialist. A small-town girl from Oregon, I figured out how to make it in the big city, all by myself.

Yearning to be a business leader, I earned an MBA in finance from The Wharton School and an MA in international studies from The Lauder Institute, both at U Penn, then landed a coveted position in McKinsey's London office. (I'm also a recovering hyper-achiever. Can you tell?)

Just when I thought I'd finally succeeded, my life fell apart.

Soon after moving to London, my marriage started showing signs of stress. Eight months later, my son was born, followed by my daughter two years after. Wanting to be home with my babies, I walked away from McKinsey and tried desperately to save my marriage.

At 32, I woke up one morning and barely recognized the person staring back at me in the mirror: I had a failing marriage, an aborted career, student loan debt, and two toddlers, while living 5,000 miles from home. I felt alone, defeated, like a fraud.

On my daughter’s 11-month birthday, ashamed and feeling like a failure, I summoned the strength and courage to finally listen to my quiet inner voice and made the life-altering, heart-breaking decision to leave my marriage. 

I'd worked so hard to achieve success, only to watch it all fall apart. I didn't understand where I went wrong.

After my divorce, I focused my energy on getting my life back on track and started checking off all the boxes we're told will bring us happiness: I made my kids a priority and took them to school/dance/soccer/music lessons, attended every game/teacher conference/recital, made a gazillion healthy meals, and did a billion loads of laundry. I dedicated myself to my career and grew my family's business, bought a 4-bedroom house, and traded in my boring minivan for a sexy BMW. I also taught Zumba three times a week, and even helped start a non-profit.

But inside I still felt empty.

Being a positive person by nature, I had no idea why I was so down. After all, I had my life back, right? By external standards, I was thriving. 

So why wasn't I happy? 

Determined to not feel sorry for myself, I dove into studying personal development, read dozens of self-help books, and went to therapy. I made marginal progress, but still felt stuck.

Finally, I invested in doing group work with transformation leaders who taught me how to get unstuck and shift my self-sabotaging habits and mindsets.

I learned that I'd been asking myself the wrong questions and chasing the wrong dream.

In being witnessed by and witnessing other high achievers who are also transforming and upleveling their lives, I felt inspired and was held accountable to take action.

Thanks to investing in myself and doing the work to get out of my own way, I finally stepped into being of service in a much larger way.

Instead of waking up heavy and tired, I now get out of bed with a calm mind, excited to start the day, full of energy.

If I can Make Shift Happen, so can you.

Don't do life alone.

Let's get this party started!