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Make Shift Happen in 2023 

Tap into desires and dreams you’ve held in your heart for months, years, or even decades.

Be inspired by a group of high achievers who are ready to take back their lives, live with less stress and overwhelm, and experience more joy, abundance, clarity, and greater health.

Set powerful intentions for 2023 so that you make real progress in achieving your goals and live the life you really want.

Through a unique process of meditation, mindfulness, journaling and visioning you will clear whatever has been blocking you from taking action in your life.

The tools you'll learn are taken directly from a methodology first taught at Stanford University’s famed Creativity in Business Course, touted to be the most life-transforming class to ever be taught there.

Every year, participants come back to excitedly share what they have manifested in their lives because of this masterclass.

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Sydel has helped me imagine and articulate my craziest stretch goals. Each year for three years in a row, I think, “can I say that goal out loud?” And when I do, my stomach hurts, I get a little hot—it’s that much of a stretch. By the end of the year, three years in a row, I have actually achieved that crazy thing. She is brilliant, organized, empathetic, and builds accountability. My life is better because of her! 

Stacy Crinks

Working with Sydel has allowed me to manage my stress In a whole new way that feels much healthier. I literally sleep better at night! 

Leslie Goldstein

I left her course lighter and more at peace. Within six months, I’d landed a new job and took a soul-filling trip with my family, and am grateful beyond words. I recommend the course for anyone looking to make more of their lives, and be happier while doing it. You’ll gain insight into yourself, and the people around you, and a path to being your best, fulfilled self.